5 Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Website In 2022

5 Ways to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing Without a Website In 2022

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Affiliate marketing is promoting a link that contains third-party products and in case anyone makes purchases through this link, we would get a commission. Generally, this is a well-established way of making money online when you have a website. However, there are several ways where you can make money through affiliate marketing without owning a website.

How to make money with affiliate marketing without owning a website

There are several affiliate companies like clickbank.com, amazon.com, cj.com, shareasale.com, etc., which promote a variety of products. You can log in to the website and register for free affiliate programs.

5 Ways to make money with affiliate marketing without a website

1) Promote affiliate marketing thru Google Adwords:

You might be aware of Google Adwords. If you go to Google Search and type any keywords, you would see several Ads appearing on the top of the search list and on the right-hand side of the browser. All these are ads. You can place affiliate links through these Google AdWords Ads and when someone clicks them and make a sale, you would get money. However, you should check how much amount you are spending Vs how much amount you are getting through the same. Sometimes you may just spend money without any return. You need to do some testing on which products are working better for your affiliate links.

2) Promoting affiliate links through email marketing

You can create some articles and keep several affiliate links in them and send them to the email ids of your customers, friends, relatives, etc. Whenever anyone clicks on those links and purchases anything, the amount will transfer in your account. You should do some creative content to promote products which are useful for the users, else you would spend effort without any money.

3) Promote links through online forums and discussion rooms

There are several onsite forums where you can select which are related to your product and start doing communication with the members. You can select suitable forums by typing relevant keywords in Google search. E.g. if you are promoting some mutual fund products, type “mutual fund forums”, Once people start trusting your words, you should slowly start promoting your affiliate links. You should know which forums would allow you to share such links, else you would get banned from such forums.

4) Promote links through e-Book

You can create a beautiful e-Book between 20 to 50 pages on a hot topic. You can keep several affiliate links in the e-Book. Share this e-book with your customers, friends, and relatives and on social media sites. If someone makes sales, you would get a commission on the products purchased by them.

5) Promoting affiliate links through free websites

There are several free websites like Squidoo where that allow you to promote affiliate links of Amazon and others. They have customized frames to fit in such links. You should sign-up for Squidoo or any other website and write a few articles. There are several free sites like blogger.com, wix.com, wordpress.com, etc. Keep writing articles and promote your affiliate links through these free websites and make money.


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