Be Aware: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You in New Business
Be Aware: What You Don't Know Can Cost You in New Business

Be Aware: What You Don’t Know Can Cost You in New Business

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If you are completely new to setting up an online business you need to be aware of some opportunities that make their money off of the lack of experience and knowledge of people who are new and trying to break into making money online.

Sometimes people who are new to Internet marketing are unaware of what the costs are for setting up an online business as well as how easy quality expertise is available when you search the Internet for advice on how to set up an online business. Some of the savvy Internet marketers know this and while most of them are straightforward and honest about what they offer there are also the ones that will try to profit unjustly from this lack of knowledge of newbie online business owners

For this reason, it is worth taking a look at the Stores Online opportunity.

How Stores Online Works

Stores Online is an operation that assists people with setting up an online business by offering a shortcut method for setting up a website online. The company offers a package deal for setting up a website that is accompanied by a series of training sessions, conferences, and workshops. You also have the opportunity to ask a host of questions about setting up your business online as well as address any concerns you have related to your online business.

The company advertises online and through direct mail by distributing postcards that invite you to attend a one-day session at your local conference center in your community and they draw you in by offering a free lunch. While all of this sounds good what you find out when you get there is that you have to pay a significant amount of money to attend an additional intensive one-day workshop and then there is a high-pressure sales pitch to invest a huge sum of around $5000 to get started. What’s more, there is a contract with a lot of fine details and once you are committed there are a lot of hidden fees beyond the amount that you initially pay to get started.

The mentoring is completed over the phone and they set you up with a cookie-cutter website that is difficult to maintain and navigate and you end up learning and losing a lot through trial and error. If you happen to know how to build a website they will not allow you to host it. Instead, you have to go through their system.

What happens with this program is the people who do not have any idea what it takes to set up a business online end up paying out a lot more money than the average startup business simply because they do not know any better. Someone who is well seasoned or has any type of Internet marketing knows that you can establish yourself online with very little startup costs. You can also seek the advice of experienced Internet marketers for much less without being locked into a contract with a lot of hidden fees.

It Pays to Be Aware

Stores Online is one example of companies that profits from the knowledge that aspiring online entrepreneurs lack when it comes to setting up a business online. While there are a handful of people that seemed to be able to make this program work if you Google this opportunity under scams unfortunately you will find that the negative experiences outnumber the positive ones.

We are telling you this as a new online marketer not to continually bash opportunities but instead to help you be aware of some of the opportunities that may seem to be the answer but when you delve a little deeper you find yourself in a quagmire of deceit. If you know how they work you can better protect yourself and get a healthy start for your new online business.


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