Creating the Proper Mindset for the Online Business Entrepreneur
Creating the Proper Mindset for the Online Business Entrepreneur

Creating the Proper Mindset for the Online Business Entrepreneur

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So many people would love to venture out on their own and be in charge of their life instead of letting someone else call all of the shots and be in charge of the future. In our minds, nothing beats being in charge of our own time and having the freedom and the money to do the things that we want to do.

So why is it that so many people have this desire but choose to remain in a situation where they have to do what pleases their boss not to mention watching out for what their boss will do to them?

The answer lies in rules that we had nothing to do with setting up from the very beginning and the fact that society places a strong emphasis on working a job until you retire. In the eyes of society and sometimes your loved ones, the idea of chasing your dream seems out of character with traditional values.

The other reason people tend to remain in the 9 to 5 grind is that they have yet to develop the mindset of an entrepreneur. You see, to achieve the freedom you desire by being able to make your business grow and develop multiple streams of income you must possess what is called an entrepreneurial mindset.

This is the mindset that business owners use to approach the world and settle for great instead of mediocre. It has to do with the concepts that Napoleon Hill discusses in his renowned book “Think and Grow Rich.” This book was first published in 1937 and has been re-published a zillion times and still is read by aspiring entrepreneurs to this very day. Why?

There is a reason that “Think and Grow Rich” has lasted for decades and the reason is that it contains the very principles that people need to live the lifestyle of their dreams. When Napoleon Hill wrote the book he sought out hundreds of successful people to discover their common traits of success. After all, success is not only about your drive and determination it is also a result of following in the paths of others who have already achieved a proven blueprint for success. In other words, the attributes that make up an entrepreneurial mindset.

According to Napoleon Hill, the entrepreneurial mindset is all about desire, faith, creativity, careful planning, persistence, and decision-making. In addition to that, it is all about breaking down the barriers that exist in our subconscious that keep us from reaching our full potential and living the life of our dreams.

The subconscious refers to the beliefs that were instilled in us at the very beginning of our lives which create voices that keep us from achieving the things we want. Our subconscious is what runs in the background and controls us until we realize its presence and take the necessary measures to change the thought processes that we have been so well trained with early on in our lives.

So if you are not born with the entrepreneurial mindset do not be discouraged because if you have the will to achieve the lifestyle of your dreams you can change a lot of the thought processes that you were conditioned with at the beginning of your life. Although it requires constant vigilance on your part to shift your mindset, by following the blueprint of others who have become successful you can learn to develop the entrepreneurial mindset that is necessary for controlling your destiny and achieving the lifestyle you desire.
When you make the shift from employee to a business owner, whether it is an online, MLM, or networking marketing business model, there are three things you must remember when it comes to following others who have become successful and that is to stay focused, pay attention to others that have already followed the path, and consistently take action.

If this all seems like a lot of work the fact of the matter is that it is a lot of work which is why everyone is not doing it. Instead, it is much easier for them to stay stuck in their comfort zone even though they are not happy in their current situation.


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