Telegram Update Brings Auto-Delete Feature, Home Screen Widgets, Expiring Invite Links, and More

Telegram Update Brings Auto-Delete Feature, Home Screen Widgets, Expiring Invite Links, and More

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Telegram Update Brings Auto-Delete Feature, Home Screen Widgets, Expiring Invite Links, and More

Telegram includes a new auto-delete feature for messages, home screen widgets, expiring invite links, and additional with the newest update. The auto-delete feature canenable users to lineassociate degree auto-delete timer for messages they send out any chat (presently this feature is offered on wire for its secret messages option). the house screen appliancepermits you to access your chats quickerand therefore the expiring invite links system helps you tocreate a created link inactive oncea definite time. The optionsareextended to automaton and iOS versions of the wire app.

Telegram was the foremost downloaded app globally in Janconsistent with a recent report. the newest update for the automaton and iOS versions of the app brings options like auto-delete messages, home screen widgets, expiring invite links, and unlimited members. The update additionally improves the chat commerceexpertise and reportage system, in addition as adds additional animated emojis.

As per its official journal post, the auto-delete messages feature in wirewillmechanically delete messages either oncetwenty four hours or seven days oncethey need been sent. Once a user selects the auto-delete feature, messages from there on aremechanically deleted once the period of time chosen by the user. just in case of a bunch chat, solely admins willalter or modify the timer and messages from everybodywithin theclusterare deleted once the set time. to try and do this on automatonfaucet on the menu icon on the highest right in an exceedingly chat, choose Clear History and soselect the timeframe. On iOS, faucet and hold a message, faucet on choose, then faucet on Clear Chat within theprime left of the chat and choosealter Auto-Delete and choose the timeframe.

Home screen widgets canenable users to examine a preview of recent messages or solely the names and profile footage of contacts. On Android, the widgets isdistendedto require up additional of your screen and caninvariably be up so farthe house screen widgets for iOS cansolely get recentknowledge “occasionally”, thatthe corporate says is thanks to system limitations.

The wire update additionally brings expiring cluster invite link which will be created inactive oncea definite time. in additionteams that aron the brink of the two hundred,000 members limit willcurrently convert into Broadcast teams that don’t have any members limit. However, solelycluster admins will send messages in these teams.

Talking concerningdifferentenhancementswithin the latest wire update, the chat import feature that was adscititious last month has been updated to point outforeign messages sorted by their original date. this can besolely valid for wire chats that ar new or have fewer than one,000 messages. Also, specific messages willcurrently be reportable and users will add comments oncereportage. Lastly, the update brings new animated emojis to wire.

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