What is Multi_Level_Marketing (MLM) & Important Information about MLM
What is Multi_Level_Marketing (MLM) & Important Information about MLM

What is Multi_Level_Marketing (MLM) & Important Information about MLM

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In a recession with millions of people out of work, everyone is looking at their options, and owning your own MLM business is becoming more attractive.

If you had asked me years ago if I would be involved with an MLM company, I would have said no. And for the same reasons that you may be skeptical about MLM.

I’ve made good money in the brick-and-mortar world—literally. I have been involved in the construction business for years, and by most standards have done okay. But there are a lot of expenses to deal with, and the economy plays a big role in how the business is doing at any given time. I was always looking for a better way.

I realized that the MLM business model made sense, and over the years I tried my hand at several different opportunities. But I never saw the results I was looking for. The old-school MLM methods just didn’t work.

I am here to tell you, though, that the MLM industry has transformed with the Internet. I should know. My Internet MLM company has given me true and lasting wealth – and my life back (more about that later. Read More Below -About MLM)


Pre World Wide Web, MLM representatives had a hard row to hoe. It was an uphill battle – and a slow build – to earn any money in MLM. Few and far between were those who made a lasting career in the MLM industry. Let me explain.

An MLM company would recruit you through one of its MLM representatives. You would go to some rah-rah MLM meeting with a lot of hype but little substance. The reason is that it was rare to find MLM success stories. Let’s say, for example, ’s sake, that you joined the MLM company. You got your MLM Information &  products…now it’s time to rake in the dough, right? Wrong.

It was very hard to market your MLM products in the “old days” (i.e., before the Internet). The products could be good, even superior to what is available in stores with MLM companies, but MLM companies of the past relied on one-to-one direct sales.

In other words, you had to approach everyone you know and subject them to a sales pitch for your MLM products. Every time you see them. Until they say yes. (Or until they avoid you altogether).

After they try your MLM products – even if they buy the MLM products regularly – it doesn’t stop. You are then subject them to more sales pitches to become part of your MLM downline. (Repeat “Every time you see them. Until they say yes…” this was the old school MLM refrain).

The sales pitch didn’t stop there for MLM downline members. You must “coach” them to sell more and recruit other MLM downline members. (Repeat the MLM chorus, above). It’s a nasty cycle that gave MLM a bad name.


The Internet Transforms the Industry: Enter the mid-1990s and the Internet. Hallelujah! If you were an MLM business, this was your ticket out of the nag-till-they-buy-or-join vicious circle.

If an MLM business is set up correctly using all of the available Internet marketing tools, MLM customers come to your MLM business. They can see your “sales pitch” on their own time, with no attendant pressure to do anything immediately. They come to your site when they want to, but when they want to and join your MLM downline when they want to. It’s amazing how many more customers an MLM business generates when the pressure is off!

Why is that? Because the products and services MLM companies sell are viable, valuable products and services (for the most part, there are some scams in every industry). It’s just the sales method that people objected to. With the Internet, you take that out of the equation. With the Internet, your MLM products sell themselves.

MLM: My Happy Ending

When I lost my construction supervisor job in the recession – just as millions of us did — I decided it was time to try something different. This eventually lead me to what I feel is the best MLM opportunity for me.

I have real wealth now with my MLM business—more than I had before—even when I had my brick-and-mortar business. It’s one thing to earn money – it’s another to put it to work for you so that you are continuously generating wealth, even in your sleep. That’s what MLM businesses can do for you.

If money isn’t growing, it’s taking wings and flying away. This is one of the most valuable lessons my MLM business has taught me.

It’s like that old saying about giving a man fish to eat versus teaching him to fish. My MLM business first taught me how to fish; now, I teach others how to. Making a real, lasting difference in the lives of others through my MLM business has given me new purpose and meaning.

The best part? It’s automatic. I don’t have to spend my time pestering family and friends to buy my MLM business services. My Internet marketing program draws prospects to my website, and my website presents an MLM opportunity for me.

So I am getting new customers all the time with my MLM business, no matter what I may be doing. Because of the freedom, my MLM business gives me, I got to know my family again! You should at the very least give it a look and decide for yourself. The new MLM industry might have an opportunity just for you.



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